What makes David stand out is his compassion and his ability to see each person’s innocence. 

He works on two levels 1: using effective, short term counselling techniques to help ease the pain of a specific crisis and develop strategies to get through it quickly. 2: working together to address old wounds that have bubbled up to the surface to be healed and reconnect to inner strength.


Are you a new client? Fill out an intake form, and send it to davidjsolazzo@gmail.com

[Having trouble using the intake form? To properly complete the intake form, download a copy to your desktop (by clicking 'print,' then 'save as a PDF') and save it as a new file on your desktop using your first and last name. Once you've filled out the information in the form, you can email it to Dave. If you have any questions, feel free to email davidjsolazzo@gmail.com for assistance.]