Counselling and therapy with David Solazzo

“…a kind and experienced therapist who can guide you in dealing with many issues."

Dave has a knack for offering kind, helpful feedback and for finding practical solutions that can bring change to even the scariest situation.

In a beautiful and nurturing space, Dave offers a space for people to safely speak about their most tender fears, struggles and challenges. In his 15+ years of experience in many areas of counselling, he has researched and practiced efficient techniques to help clients see their issues with new clarity and shift their perspective. And at some point, the focus of the conversation moves from, “what went wrong”, to “what do I want to create now?”

Part advice, part self-discovery; this is Dave Solazzo's website. If you would like to see a subject featured on Dave's blog, feel free to 'Ask Dave' and submit a question. 

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With decades of experience, Dave Solazzo is a therapist committed to the wellbeing of his clients.

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