Group Therapy with Dave Solazzo

 Group Therapy, Fall 2017, Integrated Counseling with Dave Solazzo

Group Therapy, Fall 2017, Integrated Counseling with Dave Solazzo


Group Therapy: Fall 2017


While individual counselling has it's important place, group work offers a different approach to explore the inner world. 

Group therapy can be transformational and serve as a fundamental reminder that you are not alone.

We are social beings. We learn in social settings. Group Therapy creates a safe environment to go deeper and can potentially, be a profoundly healing experience. Groups are microcosms of your life. How you are in the group is how you are in your life.

People have asked me questions like, " What's the structure?" and, "What are the topics that will be covered?"  These aren't support groups with a specific theme. There is no official topic for each group, but many of topics are covered. It's what you bring to the group, to the moment, that is your experience. So if you want to talk about something, bring it to the group. And if you are a bit scared to talk about it, bring your fear. And if you are disappointed because someone else is talking about something you're not interested in, bring that. There's always something to bring.

Everybody has something to teach and something to learn from everybody else.

You may see, in a deeper way, that you're not alone. You may develop new ways to relate to others. You may awaken a courage, a self-confidence and a sense of belonging that you've never seen in yourself. You may have a sense of finally being seen or experience a profound healing that you've been waiting for. If you've never done anything like this (or even if you have), consider this your personal invitation.

Who is the wise man?  He who learns from everyone.
                                 -The Talmud

Group details

Group meets weekly for 10 weeks.

  • Time: Tuesday evenings:  7pm - 8:45pm
  • Dates: October 3rd - December 5th
  • Location: Integrated Counselling - Roots on Whyte Building
  • $70 per session
  • Limited to 8 participants
  • Intake interview is required before admission to the group

To register or ask about this group, contact Dave at